Nepenthes ultra jebb & cheek

Terrestrial climber, 1.5 m tall or more. Stems with decurrent ridges from leaf bases, without wings, 5–6 mm diameter, internodes 1.5–2.7 cm long, glabrous, glabrous, rarely with simple hairs at stem apex. Leaves spirally arranged; lamina narrowly oblong 10–23.5 x 2.5–3.9 cm, apex acute, base acute to obtuse; longitudinal nerves 2–4 pairs, conspicuous in the marginal half; petiole distinct, winged, 4.2–7 x 0.2–1 cm, clasping the stem for 1/3–1/2 its circumference. Lower pitchers 6.5 cm tall, 3.5 cm wide, ovoid in the lower half, upper cylindrical part 2 cm wide. Upper pitchers widest at base, upper half cylindrical, greenish white with some red markings 11.5–16 x 3.2–4.3 cm. Outer surface sparsely and minutely stellate hairy, including near mouth; fringed wings absent, reduced to ridges c. 1 mm wide; mouth ovate 4–4.5 x 3.5 cm, oblique; peristome rounded to flattened, 2–5 mm wide; inner edge lacking conspicuous teeth; lid orbicular or ovate 2.6–3.2 x 2.4 x 3.5 cm, apex rounded, truncate or emarginate, base rounded to cordate; lower surface with basal appendage slightly developed. Spur simple, stout at base tapering to acute apex, 1.75–3.5 x 0.25–0.6 mm, densely long hairy, 0.5 mm long.

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pitcher plant
Nepenthes Ultra
  • Leaves with a distinct petiole
  • Leaf apex not deeply notched or truncate
  • Lower surface of pitcher lid with basal ridge and appendages
  • Stems stems terete or angular, without wings
  • Upper pitchers widest at base or equally wide at base and near opening
  • Petioles not canaliculate, broad
  • Leaves 10-24 cm long; peristome to 5 mm wide
  • Mouth of pitcher ovate; outer surface of pitcher near mouth sparsely covered with minute stellate hairs
  • Nepenthes
  • Leaves with midrib extended into a long tendril with the distal part forming into a cup or pitcher-like structures
  • Angiosperms
  • Plants producing true flowers and fruits for sexual reproduction