Platycerium grande (a.cunn. ex fée)

Very large epiphytic fern. Basal leaves sessile, upright or arching, forming a distinct basket, recurving when old, 80⎼110 x 90⎼180 cm, lower part with wavy margin, upper part spreading. Foliage leaves pendulous, symmetrical with 2 equally long main lobes, usually c. 50⎼120 cm long. Soral patch semi-circular, 7⎼35 x 2⎼22 cm; two or more on each foliage leaf, near the sinuses. Spores about 64 per sporangium.

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staghorn fern
Critically Endangered
Platycerium Grande
  • Two or more soral patch on each foliage leaf, near the sinuses; follage leaf usually short, up to 120 cm long
  • Ferns
  • Plants sexually reproducing only by spores on lower surface of leaves, not producing true flowers