Platycerium coronarium (könig ex müller) desv.

Large epiphytic fern, often growing in clusters. Basal leaves sessile, upright or arching, forming a distinct basket, recurving when old, up to 50⎼110 x 25⎼55 cm, upper part erect, 2-5x forked. Foliage leaves pendulous, non-symmetrical, up to c. 200 cm long, 3⎼7x forked. Only one soral patch on each foliage leaf developed in specialized semi-circular or reniform lobes near the base. Spores about 8 per sporangium.

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staghorn fern
Critically Endangered
Native / Non-native
Platycerium Coronarium
  • Only one soral patch on each follage leaf, with specialized lobes near the base; follage leaves long and pendulous, asymmetrical, up to 200cm
  • Ferns
  • Plants sexually reproducing only by spores on lower surface of leaves, not producing true flowers